Being stuck in therapy and not moving forward? 

🗣️ Would you be ready for a fresh approach beyond just talking? 
💪 Difficulties implementing anxiety-management techniques such as CBT? We've got your back. 
🌱 Are stress, anxiety and lack of confidence affecting various areas of your life? 
🛤️Ready to overcome negative beliefs, trauma, fear and social insecurities? 
🚀 Do you want to break barriers and fly high at personal and professional level? 
🌀✨ Open to Professional and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindset Coaching & Transformative Techniques? 
🌊Aiming to obtain changes in your emotional, physical and behavioural well-being that flow naturally 
📈 The objective is to deliver measurable results week by week! 
👥 Are you ready to take on One-to-One therapy and a highly personalised approach. Contact between sessions is there for you too! 
Join me in this journey and discover how things can improve. I am here if you would like to discuss it further.  

The Beat Anxiety & Gain Confidence System 

"When things change inside you, things change around you" 
The Beat Anxiety System is a rapid improvement program that comprehensively reviews your mental and physical well-being to deal effectively with stress, anxiety, panic attacks. trauma and lack of confidence, de-rooting limiting beliefs and liberating you from the chains of the past and the fears of the future.  
Maria Fuentes has successfully implemented this six-step meticulous process for over 12 years with hundreds of clients. The join work is nurturing and exhilarating, highly personalised to your challenges and dreams. You work together in a safe and warm environment where complex challenges are often mixed with moments of great laughter. The constant support and close communication with her clients go beyond the therapy session, offering great comfort to her clients, knowing that they are no longer alone in this process

  How do You Unveil Your True Potential?   

Over the course of eight weekly individual sessions with Maria, your focus will be on reprocessing unwanted emotional responses, leading to a natural transformation towards improved well-being: 
🧠 We will identify negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs, traumas, phobias, and fears currently creating pain, anxiety and panic that are holding you back. We will aim to obtain measurable improvements weekly. All the work will be focused on your individual needs and personalised so that you can find your strenght and the real you. 
🚀 You will learn Rapid Tools to reduce or eliminate fear, stress, and anxiety and grow in self-love and self-respect. 
🎧🔊 Resources (Mp3s and Powerful Exercises) focus on building your self-esteem and confidence, improving relationships, and communication skills/presentation skills (if needed) while filling knowledge gaps where needed and enhancing relaxation and well-being
📊🔍 Analysis of your current life circumstances and improvements you want to see, paying attention to social interactions, finances, personal and professional goals, community, and hobbies. We will identify where we need to focus our efforts to achieve these while setting achievable goals. Any limiting beliefs and blocks that may be on the way will be dealt with during the one-to-one sessions. 
🔧💼 Learning techniques for the future, such as self-hypnosis 
📱💬 WhatsApp assistance between sessions 
Maria empowers you by identifying the origin of the problems. Together, you reprocess traumas, fears and limiting beliefs, liberating emotional burdens, and creating positive changes from the first session, putting you in charge of your life once again. 
The changes in your emotional, physical and behavioural well-being flow naturally, without having to fight against your mind to convince yourself to act or think differently. An improvement that acts as a domino effect cascading to all areas of life, leading her clients to live happier, calmer, and more successful lives. 
If you have had enough of talking and you are ready to consider a different approach, this is the time to book your free consultation. Therapy without change is just a talk! This is why Maria's commitment is to create real, measurable, tangible change. 

Is this the only therapy option available? 

Absolutely not! You have more options than you might think. If you prefer a different approach, you can still choose Dual Therapy or Guided Therapy on the Go
Flexibility is key, and we want to ensure that you have the freedom to select the best path that suits your needs and preferences. So, feel free to explore all the available choices and decide what works best for you.  
The focus is on your growth and well-being, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Let's embark on this journey together, tailored to your unique requirements! 
Here you will find a list of the difficulties that our customers have successfully solved with our help. Do not hesitate to contact us if your difficulty is not described here. 
I am not good enough 
I cannot overcome this 
Life is so hard 
I am not loved 
I can’t learn 
I am not enough 
I am an impostor 
I am not clever 
I am not capable 
I am slow 
I am not honest 
I am not valued 
I cannot progress 
I feel unappreciated 
I am not resourceful 
People will not like me 
I will be rejected 
I can't make friends. 
I better not go out. 
I am uncomfortable around people 
I do not know what to say. I am not interesting enough 
I cannot leave this relationship as I may not find anyone else that love me. 
Anxiety, low self-esteem and everything that goes along with that, quite deep-seated. Also, work-related issues. 
“I can assess issues and events much more rationally and focus on the positive elements of my life.” 
I worked with Maria mostly by Skype. I started out relatively cynical and had turned to this therapy as a last resort. I chose Maria initially because I really liked her profile and there was a warmth to her even on paper. This turned out to be exactly who she was in person – patient, knowledgeable and I was able to trust her instantly. She dispelled my cynicism by the first session and was clear about what we might be able to achieve in the sessions – no hard sell, just facts which helped to put me at ease. I have gained/achieved a lot and what was especially helpful were the mp3’s she provides to reinforce the work we have done. I’m still finding them useful, specially using self-hypnosis for anxiety. I am now able to disconnect from emotions I associate with my self-consciousness around new people. This was a real problem socially. In addition, work pressures were increasingly harder to deal with and I was struggling with basic life chores and duties – I had given up on life and was just going through the motions. With a bit of hard work as we did, I am now motivated. I can assess issues and events much more rationally and focus on the positive elements of my life of which there are many. I definitely could not have said that before the therapy. I did twelve sessions and noticed changes from day one. I will definitely recommend – yes, YES, YES! 
Maria, it is no exaggeration to say that you have saved my soul if not my life. You were my last resort. I wish you had been my first, but without the struggle I may not have appreciated what you have helped me achieve. 
Thank you 
Jen – Skype 
Anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, relationships, childhood issues, work issues 
“I realised that I AM an ok and lovable person, with much to give and skills to tap into” 
I was spending most days in bed, feeling unmotivated and uninterested in life. As well as benefiting from the sessions I attended, other tools provided e.g. listening to mp3 hypnotherapy files, and Maria’s warmth and encouragement helped me realise that I AM an ok and lovable person, with much to give and skills to tap into. By writing daily goals, I have rediscovered my artistic talents and am enjoying creating beaded butterflies which are symbolic of the emergence and sense of freedom I now feel. 
The sessions helped me realise what I can do and achieve by overcoming fear; to come to terms with painful childhood issues and to use coping skills with difficult family relationships. 
I feel motivated, happy and have a sense of freedom. I am now able to go out at any time of the day. 
Caroline Butterfly Wings – Bexhill 
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