Hypnotherapy Audios 

Hypnotherapy Audios 

Step into the realm of relaxation and transformation at this Catalogue dedicated to hypnotherapy and meditation audio files. Explore a curated collection designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and well-being. The Catalogue offers a diverse range of meticulously crafted hypnotherapy sessions and audio files, each created to address specific aspects of your life, from stress relief to personal empowerment. 

Hypnotherapy Audios 

"Blissful Pause: A Moment of Relaxation" 

Releasing worry and fear becomes a formidable task in times of heightened anxiety. 
Nevertheless, even if just for a brief moment, we can strive to set the intention of letting go. This audio is designed to help you, aiding you in both setting your intentions for the day and alleviating any worries you may carry into the evening. 
Taking a pause allows us to gain perspective and find moments of respite. 

"Anxiety Release: Easing the Storm" 

Depression draws strength from past experiences, while anxiety stems from the apprehension of the future, often rooted in past occurrences.  
This audio aims to assist you in making the decision to redirect your focus, freeing yourself from the shackles of the past, and embarking on an empowering journey towards a more serene and composed mindset, carrying only the essentials: a heart full of resilience and a mind filled with hope, which allows you to feel calm and safe. 

"Conquer Rejection & Feel Strong" 

Experiencing rejection can evoke feelings of unworthiness, hurt, and misunderstanding, often deterring you from exploring new opportunities. When self-esteem is diminished, these setbacks in life can be magnified, leading to a downward spiral of self-defeat, paralysis, and isolation. This audio seeks to provide a fresh perspective, guiding you away from this catastrophic cycle. 

"Building a Positive Brighter Tomorrow"  

This audio serves as an ideal companion if you're feeling adrift, experiencing a loss of enthusiasm for the future, or grappling with demotivation. If your path ahead seems unclear and confusion pervades your daily existence, it offers a reminder of your inherent resilience—a strength that you've repeatedly tapped into throughout your life. 

"Developing a Positive Mindset: Mindshift Mastery"  

This audio is perfect for those trapped in pessimistic thought patterns, fixating on the worst outcomes while overlooking life's joys. It assists in nurturing your thoughts and fostering a positive perspective. Embrace each small triumph and moment of clarity, for they are the vibrant blossoms adorning your mental landscape. 

"Transforming Fear into Success - Hypnotherapy for Fear of Failure" 

The apprehension of failure stands as a significant barrier to human progress. It's easy to overlook that failure is an integral part of the journey to success; without it, progress remains elusive. Stagnation and isolation can set in, allowing the years to pass without acknowledging our authentic selves lying dormant within. FEAR, an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real, often contributes to this hesitation. This audio is designed to assist you in Facing Everything And Rising above those old fears. 

"Awaken Your Potential to Improve - New Beginnings" 

At times, it's essential to recall that we each possess the capacity to evolve and enhance every aspect of our lives, even when we may believe we lack such potential. This misconception can lead to paralysis and procrastination, hindering progress. Unveiling our potential is a journey, with change serving as a continual process rather than a final destination. Within this journey, this audio strives not only to inspire you but also to encourage your mind to embrace new opportunities and uncover your inherent strengths and talents. 

"Watch the Thinker: Guided Hypnosis for Thought Pausing" 

The mind is ceaseless in its generation of thoughts, ranging from new ideas to vivid stories, both delightful and distressing. Occasionally, these thoughts can overwhelm us, chipping away at our self-esteem with worries, fears, and self-judgment. This audio directs you towards observing your mind as if it were distinct from your true self—an instrument that you can set aside when necessary. Practice is crucial in enabling us to relish moments of detachment, allowing us to fully appreciate the present. 

"Unlocking Your Personal Power For Goal Attainment" 

If you find yourself in the phase of defining your goals and gearing up to pursue your dreams, you'll likely appreciate the motivation and concentration this MP3 offers. It aids in guiding you through the process, fostering a mindset that is both flexible and resilient. Additionally, it emphasizes the importance of collaboration with others and acknowledges areas of improvement while maintaining a positive and unwavering determination. 

Professional Memberships 

Professional Memberships 

GCH – General Council of Hypnotherapists www.general-hypnotherapyregister.com 
CNHC – Complementary & Natural Health Council www.cnhcregister.org.uk 
Registered with Hypnotherapy Directory 
Clinical Hypnotherapy 
& Medical Hypnotherapy* 
Hypnoanalysis and Regression Hypnotherapy 
Mindfulness & Meditation 
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) 
NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) 
Time Line Therapy (TLT) 
Parts Therapy & Gelstalt Hypnotherapy 
MRT – Matrix Regeneration Therapy & Bioresonance 
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