The Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attack Cycle 

The Stress, Anxiety & Panic Attack Cycle 

The Breakthrough Coaching for Professionals aims to provide you a way to identify and deal efficiently with the challenges you are experiencing. It aims to deal with your stress, stop anxiety and panic attacks by targeting the root of the problem, in order to lead you to a happier and more fulfilling life. 
When clients come are usually quite confused and wonder if they are experiencing stress, anxiety, or depression. The reality is that stress sustained for a long period of time can turn into anxiety and without a doubt when life is not satisfying you will eventually feel sad and powerless, wanting to give up and leading you to depression. 
The way your brain responds to Stress and Anxiety is exactly the same, activating a fight or flight response, where your Amygdala is the boss. But before we start, it is important to identify if you are stressed, anxious or both: 


Stress focuses on mainly external pressures on us that we're finding hard to cope with 
When we are stressed, we usually know what we're stressed about, and the symptoms of stress typically disappear after the stressful situation is over 


Anxiety, on the other hand, isn't always as easy to figure out 
Anxiety focuses on worries or fears about things that could threaten us, but are not an immediate peril, as well as the worry of feeling anxiety about the anxiety itself 
Stress, anxiety and panic can affect you not only at a physical, behaviorial and emotional level, but also altering your perceptions and thoughts, leading you to change your behaviour. You can explore these in detail below. 
Let me take you through a quick journey, let’s look at this cycle and discover how to break it. 


Muscle tension / headaches 
Rapid pulse 
Flushing (face feeling hot) 
Prolonged / Frequent headaches 
Increased colds & other low immunity 
Increased Sweating 
Susceptibility to mild illness 
Sleep disturbance / tiredness 


Appetite changes / compulsive eating 
Increased absenteeism, aggression, irritability 
Impatience, Carelessness 
Increased alcohol, cigarette and drug use 
Sudden tears 
Poor productivity / Low energy 
Avoidance of situations / places 
Becoming more vague / forgetful 
Change in sleeping patterns 


Anxiety / Sadness 
Moodiness / Grumpiness 
Loss of sense of Humour 
Withdrawal / Feeling of isolation 
Low self-esteem 
Feelings of guilt and shame 
Extreme anger (over-reaction) 
Loss of libido 
Overwhelming feelings of panic / anxiety 

Perception / Thoughts 

Inability to make decisions 
Everything seems to go wrong/is bad 
Over-sensitive of criticism 
Feelings of unfairness 
Reduced co-ordination/creativity 
Fear of rejection/defensiveness 
Poor concentration 
Can't switch off 
Becoming more forgetful 
Rushed decisions 
Negative self-tak/fear of failure 

Anxiety can also progress into Panic Attacks 

Anxiety can also progress into Panic Attacks 

“If the central nucleus in the amygdala overreacts, it can set off a full-blown panic attack when no logical reason for fear exists. Once it initiates a panic attack the central nucleus of the amygdala is in control and the cortex has barely any influence over these. We need to remember that the amygdala creates memories that you may not be aware of, but which you experience as emotions” 
- Catherine M Pittman, PhD & Elizabeth M. Karl MLIS - Rewiring your Anxious Brain 
This is precisely why you cannot stop your anxiety just by wish to do so. Your Amygdala reacts in a 10th of a second, your cortex cannot keep up and hence many techniques that are used to control your thought patterns seem to have no effect whatsoever. The Beat Anxiety and Gain Confidence System aims to find the root memories stored in your amygdala that are triggering your panic attack and reprocess the emotion. 
Anxiety and fears keeping me from progressing with things I want to achieve in my life – Personal & Professional Development 
“The best thing I have achieved is recognising and disrupting, for positive change, negative habitual thoughts and actions.  
Maria provided a safe and informed environment in which I could make choices to bring about profound changes in the way I think and behave. My purpose was to deal with Anxiety and fears keeping me from progressing with things I want to achieve in my life. 
The tools given were very helpful, going through the process of understanding the problems, deciding on change and reinforcing the solution especially during trance was very powerful. The sessions have left me with a better understanding of how to design and reinforce positive thinking and attitude for the future. The main change is a recognition of self-value and strength. I have also been left with tools to analyse and rectify new problems as and when life hands them out. The best thing I have achieved is recognising and disrupting, for positive change, negative habitual thoughts and actions." 
Wade – London Office 
Work related issues, boundaries, anxiety walking outside and driving, financial fear, relationships, low self-esteem. 
“The sessions helped in all areas creating a significant transformation in work/personal relationships 
It has been excellent. I felt comfortable and at ease. The sessions helped in all areas creating a significant transformation in work/personal relationships. They also helped me in negotiating salary and benefits, achieving positive results. I took approximately 8 to 10 sessions and I am now standing up for myself and using boundaries, negotiating and walking outside at ease. 
I would absolutely recommend Maria’s services. I have recommended a friend and will do so again." 
Delia – London Office and Skype 
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