Hypnosis has been used to help people for many years, but the term ‘hypnotherapy’ is fairly recent. Today, hypnotherapy is a popular tool used to assist people when they want to make long-lasting positive changes in their lives. 
Studies have showed Hypnotherapy has validated scientific evidence for taking away emotionally-induced stress and anxiety problems that patients prone to complicated health problems including weight-gain have. 
Hypnotherapy Therapy is also used for the treatment of panic disorders, insomnia, and phobia, cravings control, reducing negative thoughts, confidence building and overall confidence building, all geared toward healthy living. 

The Role of the Hypnotherapist 

Hypnotherapists work together with clients to facilitate access to the subconscious mind, where memories and past experiences are held. We start to store many of these memories and experiences during the first six to ten years of our lives. Once these are stored in our subconscious they become our reality and influence how we behave and respond to life. 
The hypnotherapist uses specially designed scripts that help clients reach a deep state of relaxation. During this time the client can harness the full transformative power of his or her own subconscious. 

What Does Hypnotherapy Feel Like? 

Like with all forms of therapy, each person responds to hypnotherapy differently, however there are some experiences that all clients have in common. Clients are often astonished by how responsive and focused they feel in such a serene state. 
One of the most amazing things about hypnotherapy is that although it helps people to obtain a great sense of relaxation, they are always totally aware of what is happening and can return to full awareness at any time should they wish to do so. 
A hypnotic state of relaxation is similar to the kind of calmness you experience just before falling sleep, listening to music or reading your favorite book. During hypnosis your subconscious mind absorbs positive suggestions effortlessly, allowing new thought patterns to be established to help successfully overcome phobias, fears, anxieties and bad habits. After a hypnotherapy session, clients report feeling refreshed and energetic. It is said that one hour of hypnosis is the equivalent to eight hours sleep. 

How can Hypnotherapy Help me? 

Hypnosis gives you the opportunity to allow both your conscious and sub-conscious minds to work together, helping you to reach your goals. 
Sometimes even when we want to make real changes in our lives, our past and present beliefs make these changes incredibly difficult to achieve. This is not because your intentions are not strong, but because your subconscious mind does not like change and wants to protect you from doing things differently. 
While our conscious mind guides us throughout our daily tasks, activities and objectives by analyzing and rationalizing, our subconscious mind focuses on our safety whether it is appropriate or not. Each time we want to stop a habit or make changes, our subconscious mind fights hard against us and tries to keep everything the same. The subconscious mind is very creative, imaginative and powerful and often overrides our conscious mind. 
Hypnosis will facilitate any changes you want to make in your life and liberate you from your subconscious mind’s deep rooted thoughts, habits and beliefs, thus enabling you to live the life that you truly deserve. 
We offer Hypnotherapy in South London. Some of the issues that we have had successful outcomes with, include stopping smoking, examination nerves, feeling more positive, managing stress better, changing beliefs that make us feel insecure, overcoming phobias or reducing anxiety and treatment of conditions like IBS, Hypertension and other problems. 

What you should know about hypnosis: 

▪ You will never lose control, do or reveal anything against your will. 
▪ There are no side effects. 
▪ Everyone is capable of entering hypnosis if they allow themselves to be hypnotized. 
▪ You will be able to remember the session. 
▪ You will be in a state similar to daydreaming, listening to music or reading a book. 
▪ You can come out of trance at anytime when you wish to do so. 
Hypnotherapy is recognized as one of the most brief and successful Complementary Medicine Therapies. 
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