In June 2011, The Royal Society of Medicine documented how hypnosis could help to alleviate pain and reduce stress and consequently improve the quality of life in IBS and cancer patients. It recommended the NHS to use Hypnosis as standard and along side traditional medicine. 
Hypnosis can help in all of the above, but what it really does, is to empower us and help us to challenge and change our beliefs system. Most of us once believed that apart from pain killers we had no other way to mitigate pain. We believed that our genes ruled our lives and we were their victims. We believed that tobacco was highly addictive. Some of these statements are accurate for a number of us up to a certain extent; however there is a growing number of medical professionals who openly discuss how our belief system can achieve miraculous changes in our bodies. They acknowledge that when we face a serious health issue our attitude can speed our recovery or dump us into a downward spiral. 
Well, for sure you have now guessed that pain can be controlled and mitigated with techniques such as Hypnosis and EFT. Genes play a very important part in our lives, but also our beliefs as explained by Dr Bruce Lipton in his book Biology of the Belief, and in regards to smoke addiction, caffeine is twice more addictive than tobacco. 
Unfortunately we go through our lives accepting what we are told. We are taught and influenced from an early age with an overwhelming number of so called absolute truths, which right or wrong become part of who we are. Most of our beliefs give our power away to someone else but us. If in doubt, just check the three examples above. No wonder we feel disempowered! 
Hypnotherapy and NLP empower clients and help them to achieve their goals. EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques give clients the tools to help themselves and obtain change when a therapist is not at hand. 
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