Although the title may sound a bit exaggerated, the fact is that laugh can make us unforgettable. Laughter moves about 430 muscles in our body, activates our diaphragm (especially when we laugh out loud) and moves 12 litres of air to our lungs instead of the 6-liter move in a normal situation, besides, laughter strengthens our heart, increases blood flow, by relaxing it soothes muscles in the arteries, so we reduce blood pressure and even better Invigorates our muscles. In conclusion, laugh is a very healthy exercise! 

There are times when it is impossible to laugh 

There are times when it is impossible to laugh, and even for many can be a little insulting our laughter, that leads to think that we’re making fun of something or someone; or simply it is misunderstood because there is no obvious reason to laugh. 

But laughing is necessary 

But even laughing at the most “inappropriate” times is necessary, especially in those moments of intense stress, work pressure, depression, and although it may sound crass, it is good to laugh when we are suffering with serious illnesses, because when we laugh we stimulate a part of our brain that secretes a substance known as “the substance of happiness” that relaxes our body, stimulates our positive thoughts, alienates us from the harmful effects of stress, lets us see life with another hue and may our laughter remain as an unforgettable memory in the mind of those people around us. 

A daily smile  

A daily smile can improve even our worst day, and if on that particular day we laugh with more force, even if we have no reason to laugh, we will be able to push away the negative results and the pressure created by the bad time and transform it into a positive lesson of our life, that something that already happened and only stayed as a little pothole on our way. 
However, if what we want it’s to give our mind a real rest, laughter therapy is the solution. It stimulates the diaphragm, which is the centre of our soul and health, and if we stimulate our “soul” we improve our overall health, promoting physical health and increasing our quality of life. Additionally, we leverage our creativity and imagination, we relax and disconnect from our problems, stimulating you to think positively and raising our self-esteem. It makes us feel more motivated and closer to people. It also makes you breathe better and act with positivism, while teaching us to see problems in a more critical and analytical way, helping us to lose the sense of the ridiculous and especially allowing us to accept ourselves as the person we really are, creative and full of joy individuals. 
“A merry heart is like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones” (Proverbs 17:22) 
So ask yourself, when was the last time you laughed until your belly hurt you? 
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