In today’s world being confident is of paramount importance. The way you feel about yourself is well represented in your body language and interpersonal behaviour. This in turn, dictates others to treat you in a particular manner. If you want to be treated well and respected amongst your peers, you need to start treating yourself well first, and this can only be made possible by gaining confidence. 
Questions like “I am not good enough” and “what will people think about me?” plague the minds of less confident individuals and prevent them from accomplishing their goals. Confidence is the possession of those who have achieved success and have made a mark for themselves in the world. In order to climb the ladder of success what you need is confidence and self assurance. 
We all have it in us to succeed in life, but we need to search within for the hidden treasure of confidence and self belief. But the path to unlock this treasure is fraught with difficulties. Hypnosis is the powerful vehicle capable of circumventing the roadblocks in the road that leads to the reserve of confidence. To validate the importance of hypnosis in increasing confidence a study was carried out to test the effects of hypnosis on 22 university faculties (Stanton, 1995). The participants were made to undergo hypnotic therapies which included visualizations of confidence, relaxation training to alleviate tension or anxiety. Their confidence levels were measured before hypnosis, during the study and after a period of 6 months, post hypnotherapy. The results were astonishing; all 22 participants showed improved levels of confidence compared to their previous levels, during the study and even after the follow up period. Thus, Hypnosis can have a profound effect in increasing confidence. 

How hypnosis works? 

Hypnosis induces a trance like state in which a person becomes more receptive to suggestions than in normal conditions. During hypnosis, the person undergoing it enters a trance like state. It is then that the subconscious mind awakens and with the help of a hypnotherapist the mind can be reprogrammed to incorporate feelings of confidence and self worth. 
A study conducted by the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, points that suggestions given in a hypnotic state can generate actions in human beings that would have been produced from long term conditioning and practice. Hypnosis is the best possible way to build confidence. Unlike how, you cannot pop a pill and become disease free immediately, you can become confident after a single hypnotherapy session. However, for long lasting and permanent results you need to undergo hypnotherapy sessions for sometime. 
Among the many advantages of hypnosis, the fact that anyone can undergo hypnosis stands out. Also, you do not require a medical prescription or a doctor’s referral to undergo hypnosis. If you think that lack of confidence is stopping you from being successful in life, a visit to a hypnotherapist can resolve your problem. 
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