There is considerable controversy about how positive thoughts may or may not help cure both physical illness and emotional, the fact is that there are investigations such as those conducted by the renowned Doctor of Cell Biology and pioneer in the study with mothers Bruce H Lipton cells (University of Virginia) indicating that this may be possible. 

Be brave 

In this world, there are millions of people that don’t value themselves, who believe that they do not deserve to be successful in their lives and settle with whatever they have at that moment in time, almost forgetting about the future, and how their environment would change as the years go by. Later on, they regret the fact that they were not brave enough to take all the challenges needed to reach their goals, their potential and reach their dreams. 
Dr. Lipton explains that as humans, living organisms, can be influenced by the environment and especially for our ”beliefs“, claiming a new medication that also takes into account the ability to heal the energies emitted by the cells, which are the genetic messages that are transmitted to each other and make energy more efficient even more than a pharmaceutical drug itself. Dr. Lipton has managed to unite science with the spirit creating a new to science modality that today is known as epigenetics. Their findings (which many go against the established scientific opinion on medical committees),together with the study of quantum physics led him to question conventional medicine. 
Author of books like The Biology of Belief and Biology of Transformation that tells us how the 50 trillion cells that we have within our body, coupled with a cellular environment as blood (blood that is controlled by our nervous system) creates a different chemical in the body (depending on the external environment around us), giving the example of a sick person surrounded by a harmful environment, their cells do not respond to treatment and sicker than they are, but if this sick person is transferred to a healthy environment, then the cells of your body regenerate and heal. Something that using traditional drugs would not be achieved by themselves, because in traditional medicine, the drugs have the function of changing the chemistry of cells, to eliminate the disease and sometimes managing to weaken the immune system of people, but however with the changing environment, without medication, our brain changes its chemistry, the brain and the cells understand and process the surrounding environment making the diseased cells transmit the message that can regenerate and heal. 
It should be noted that healing is not automatic, nor so easy, it is a process that takes time, because it can happen that we are in a completely safe environment, but the mind interprets it as a harmful or damaging the environment, so it is important to first work in ourselves,in how we think, that a person who all his life has thought negatively, to change that way of thinking leads a process of change to reach positive thoughts.The purpose of this study is to demonstrate that by generating positive thoughts , our mind sends message to our cells is possible that our diseased cells regenerate and heal , creating what in conventional medicine called placebo effect 
” The mind is energy. When you think, you transmit energy and thoughts are more powerful than the chemical ” Bruce Lipton (e- sun 24.08.2016), our beliefs become an energy field that transmits and transforms messages exchanged within our body, where the positive thinking or the so-called placebo effect can heal or through negative thinking can die, so being called placebo effect (positive thinking) and deleterious effects (negative thinking), But really is not whether our thinking is positive or negative, it is the way thinking we develop in our mind, for example, if the doctor mistakenly diagnosed that you have cancer, even if you have cancer, if you believe, you will create a chemical in your cells you generate cancer. So the biggest problem is not only the environment around you if you do not also like you interpret the environment. 
The most recent science tells us that the body responds to quantum physics (the energy), this new medicine only proposes that also work the energy of our body, our mind and our cells can be so powerful that it can change the our body’s response to various diseases. So I recommend you. 
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